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Where am I? What's going on? I feel like an old man...

2008-06-26 20:08:19 by Stuart-Hart

I stopped regularly coming to Newgrounds a long time ago. I used to be such a frequent visitor, checking out submissions every day, voting on content, sending the links to mates... Newgrounds looked a lot different back then. They seemed to be much simpler days. Now, when I come here, geez, it's just so different! Not bad-different mind, though there certainly seems to be many more things you can click now than you could a few years back. I certainly don't recall being able to write my own little blog like this back in the day.
I remember back when the site went through a heavy redesign. I seem to recall Newgrounds once looking predominantly black and red - maybe I'm wrong - and then suddenly overnight there was a lot of yellow colour everywhere and it turned quite a few people off I think. Certainly turned me off at the time. I even remember writing to Tom Fulp expressing my opinion and it turns out that a lot of people shared similar feelings. Things settled a bit though and everyone seemed to enjoy that new look. I think it was also around that time I recall Newgrounds being an extremely slow site, or it had extremely slow 'spikes' quite often. Maybe that was what turned me off... back then, on a pretty slow connection... it wasn't cutting it anymore.

Let's fast forward a bit. Why'd I come here, discover I could write a blog post and start doing one? I figure, for those interested, I should maybe give a little update on what I'm doing now. I still receive e-mails after all these years to carry on with my stupid Flash animation series and I get the odd person contacting me on MSN about it too, so I figure there are some people that still care.

But no, the real reason I decided to write a News post was that a couple games have been submitted here recently by a certain user. This user is actually a company I work for as a Graphics Animator/Designer. Yes, you see, those games submitted under the (now removed from this post) name - while not personally submitted by myself - are in actuality mostly made by myself. Aside from the lack of original IP, I'm happy about them. When I started building those games, I had a vision of what I wanted to make and mostly hit the mark I wanted. I'm not too bothered about people being upset that they're basically just big adverts - I can fully understand - but I try to make a fun game anyway and at the very least, I walk away from the project with some new found knowledge in Actionscript (it's about time I started to learn!).

It feels a little strange though. It's been well over 5 years since I last submitted anything to Newgrounds, back when I was a student. Now, at 24 years old and making Flash content professionally, it seems kinda weird that the work I make now gets submitted to somewhere I once submitted stuff just for fun. Perhaps a part of me feels that this is even wrong. It's a strange circle to come round. Yes, certainly I would have liked to have submitted new content that was my own IP. Ah, but it wasn't me-me that submitted it though... what's going on? I'm kinda feeling at odds here. Some work I just made was submitted to this site and I feel like I'm not being fully credited. That sorta sucks. At the same time that work is just that - work. Paid work. It's not something someone has made in the spare time and given to the world for free. Hmm... am I not proud of that work? Maybe I'm even a little ashamed that after all these years of not having given anything to the community that kick started my whole interest in Flash, I come back with something I made at my day job.

Oh well, whatever the hell I'm feeling, I hope you enjoyed that little game all the same.

EDIT: Originally I mentioned the name of the user, but I've now removed it in case anyone gets the wrong impression that I'm trying to further advertise them on Newgrounds. This wasn't my intention and I hope I didn't step on too many peoples toes in this regard.

Where am I? What's going on? I feel like an old man...


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2008-06-26 20:15:37

Awesome man, welcome back (if you plan on staying). Even though I've only been around a while, I heard of these changes in Newgrounds, and we sure all appreciate them. It would rock to be doing Flash professionally by the way. So go nuts with the changes and do whatever.


2008-06-26 20:44:20

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!@~211!!2~11!!1
Your the guy who made Angry Hill Billys!?!11!211!1 That is like one of my favorite stick flashes ever. Hope you plan on sticking around this time and start submitting again!

Stuart-Hart responds:

Warms my heart to see such an enthusiastic reponse. Much appreciated - thanks!


2008-06-26 20:47:03

never say never again ;D


2008-06-26 21:32:16

It's a relic from the NG of old!


2008-06-26 21:57:35

Yea a lot has changed in newgrounds. mostly for the good, but the average NG viewer has gotten quite... forgiving...


2008-06-26 22:57:07

Hey man, been quite awhile since we talked. Not even sure if you still remember me, heh. When you first got on NG, you were part of my website (wow...that was a LONG time ago). We had some gootimes and some laughs then sorta lost trackof each other.
Anyways, good to see your still alive and back on NG as well. Also doing very good for yourself it seems. Congrats on the making of the sweet games. Came a long way from stick movies eh?
Maybe see ya around eh? :)

Stuart-Hart responds:

Yo dude. It's been a LONG time since we ever spoke. I remember Spunkbubble! I distinctively remember that Underdog cartoon you had and thought it was pretty hilarious. I'm sure I'd still laugh at it now. I seem to recall another cartoon involving a guy eating poop...

I'm doing ok... my job mostly involves creating advertising which get uploaded to some pretty big sites. It's only recently the company realised we could have a go at making some actually fun-to-play games (we've made many games before, but they're normally just disguised scratchcards) to drive a little more traffic.

I do miss the old days a lot. I'm definately a lot better now than I was, but I've not completely written off stick animations! I'll carry on with that Hillbilly series one day and it'll still look as cheap now as it did then.


2008-06-27 01:40:22

Welcome back!

I don't know about you, but I've been here for 4 years and I've only found five other female users XP


2008-06-27 02:06:19

I felt like leaving a similar entry myself, but would fall on deaf ears. Nice to see an vet using the new system for some insight and putting his foot down.


2008-06-27 11:54:44

There's an easy way to solve the credit problem man, just talk to the submitters and tell them to add you to their NG buddy list, and to check your name under the list of potential co-authors on each submission you had a part in. That way people will know. And that's wassup, you've been on here forever. I wish I had been making flash then, but I think I was like 10 hehe. I've never seen any of your stuff, but welcome back.